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Striking photo of DJ Krowbar’s now all-grown complete family turning heads online

September 04, 2020 at 17:16
Striking photo of DJ Krowbar's now all-grown complete family turning heads online

There is nothing more adorable and envious of a couple that stuck together through the thick and thin, with the belief that one day, their partner’s dream would come to be.

Kenyan celebrated gospel DJ Krowbar born Karumba Ngatia met his beloved, Wanjiru Karumba more than a decade ago, fell in love and held each other through the little comfort they could afford.

Lovebirds, DJ Krowbar and wife

For the deejay, they had crazy highs and deep lows but never even once did his beautiful girlfriend at the time, doubt of their future. And it is in the support, belief, trust and love that a dear Wanjiru had for him, that saw them break through the ice and today, he remains to honor his wife and mother to his 3 adorable children.

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As they marked their 10th wedding anniversary this week, Krowbar penned;

I LOVE YOU for the person that you are, your love for humanity affirms to me of how perfect you are to be in my life to always remind me that. I speak no one will come into our space and leave the same they came.

The Karumbas

A smitten Wanjiru responded;

I love you so much my sweetheart, to many more great years together. Happy Anniversary to us🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍🤩🤩😘😘

A decade it has been, travelled the world together, shared in the joys and tears and today, the pair has borne 3 striking children, in a home that is now filled with warmth, love and laughter.

Wanjiru Karumba with their 3 children

Check out photos of the two, before the money;

Krowbar and Wanjiru during their wedding

Happy 10th Anniversary to the couple from the Ghafla family!




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