Tahidi High actress opens up about her toxic relationship with popular gospel artist that got her suicidal

February 27, 2019 at 08:11
Tahidi High actress opens up about her toxic relationship with popular gospel artist that got her suicidal

Mercy Njoki who played the role of Shammy in Citizen TV hit show Tahidi High recently opened up about her relationship with ex, gospel singer Hey-z.

Mercy Njoki with ex

The two broke up back in 2016 after 6 years of being together. According to Hey-z who announced the break up, he claimed that Mercy Njoki was apparently cheating on him with her boss Bobb Muriithi; who she later married.


Anyway, Mercy Njoki kept her side of the story on the low considering that she had a child with the gospel singer. However, just recently she opened up about unknown things that drove her away from Hey-Z.

Toxic relationship

Speaking during an interview on zebra TV, apparently her relationship with Hey-Z was so toxic she almost committed suicide. Her main reason for staying with him for so long was because of their son together; and also since she was worried about what people would say.

“I came from a very toxic relationship and it lasted for almost 7 years and I kept thinking that things will change. That it will get better. We have a child. Where am I going? Watu watasema aje? Oh my God kukuwa judged. So I kept going back and it just got worse and when I say worse I mean it was really really bad to a point that I got suicidal,”

Advice to women

Having experienced a toxic relationship that almost cost her life; Mercy Njoki had to say this to those women living in toxic relationships.

If you are in a bad relationship there is a good guy out there. I am very happy na sidanganyi. I found a good guy and he is really cool. He is very patient with the kids hata kuniliko and I am the mum. If you are in a toxic relationship ati unakaa hapo juu ya watu, hee! Just live your life, chomoka find good friends because my friends really helped me and were really happy that I got out of that situation. Don’t carry your bad vibes from huko into a new relationship,”



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