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Tanasha be warned!! Zari starts week long of fasting and prayers for deadbeat fathers

February 26, 2019 at 09:04
Tanasha be warned!! Zari starts week long of fasting and prayers for deadbeat fathers

Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz ex-wife, has been sending a lot of hints lately that Diamond doesn’t support her after leaving her with two kids.

It seems she’s now tired of hints and she’s now switching to prayers in hope that things might change.

The Ugandan socialite continues to unleash subliminal attacks aimed at the singer who is now dating NRG radio host Tanasha Donn. Zari took to social media to announce that she’s planning to pray for Diamond and all other debate dads who have neglected their kids.

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“Good morning fam, join me this week as I fast renouncing and rebuking generational curses of diabetes, cancer, dead beat fathers, Satanism to mention a few, Amen,” read her post.

Supports kids

This year, Zari has posted similar messages several times. In January she hinted again that Diamond has neglected her kids in a post in which she claimed she works hard to support her family.

“When your the only financial provider for your kids, you need to work not hard but wayyyyyyharder#momprenuer,” she captioned. 

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  1. Tanasha be warned!! Zari starts week long of fasting and prayers for deadbeat fathers – Kenya Point : February 26, 2019 at 9:10 am

    […] post Tanasha be warned!! Zari starts week long of fasting and prayers for deadbeat fathers appeared first on Ghafla! […]

  2. Just like what you said, that you would never ask diamond for your kids care. Just relux and let Diamond push with his new bird Natasha and come up with genuine family Kama siwatoi wajirani

  3. Do billionaires plead for financial are above that zari. Sisi ma hustlers twalea wenyewe sembuse mama Africa basis pole Dada.

  4. You were to adopt kids with him divorce n expect mo millions in ur account.

  5. Mmmmh… Get serious boss lady! Don’t play desperate! You are far much a head of this! Please move on with your life and bring up your children! Seeking his attention through children, will not work for you, it will rather make you look desperate for a young man who has already pushed you at the back of his mind! And already having a good time with his love bird! Move on with life boss lady! And push him at the back if your mind as well!

  6. Catherine Rika : February 26, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    Diamond and his new love are just but kids. Surely lady boss are you going to fight with a 24 year old kid for a man. No move on.

  7. Just move on

  8. Move on mami. We are doing it on our own and we are not millionaires. Sometimes it’s better that way for the sake of your peace.

  9. Hahhaha .. Am tired of this Zari news ..Kwani she’s the only single mama … N kwani si I thought she has it all .,, y is she seeking Diamonds attention indirectly …,,,,Kudos Diamond stick to Tanasha …

    • #CLAP×3 you talking like a million people. Diamond is way too much happier and she must be soo jealous. The dude can now hang out with his agemates comfortably in the company of his new girl Tanasha.

  10. Talking of deadbeat wa my daughter can’t say he is dead or alive. Why should you remind people of their responsilies.hustle till mtoi aseme ” Enewetak mothy ni wa power” kulia lia a chia mama Tee

  11. Oooh yeah,,, now u know swirl,move on he no longer care about your nagging.

  12. Dear haters, zari hasn’t said anything like child support. She is simply going into prayers for several reasons including, cancer, diabetes and deadbeat dads. I guess, non of you has made it to high school that’s why your IQ is overwhelmingly low beyond repair. How do u even think of her being desperate yet, its her that dumped D. Didn’t you see D, running, sending people to SA to please for Mercie. I know she’s simply to far beyong your comprehension in all angles and jealousy is suffocating you out there. Her shoes are either too large to fill or too thin to fit.

  13. Please why do you go back

  14. That lady gaga*zarI is beatful more more than that Kenyan girl.ukweli usemwe.mbona mna kinyongo…..Diamond ako na plastic na kiraka laaaadyhats .hata kutembea na that Kenyan lady ni ka kutembea na mj.plastic kujipodoa….zarI nI msweetest tens msweetest xana na an maharaja gas gas kaulize nonini…u so sweet zari

    • Mahaga gaa gaa gaa uliza nonini zari we mtamu na msweetest Acha tu.hawajui vile we mtamu….Diamond una doh lakini hauna ubongo…style up huyo dame anaye anakaa dame tu wa club..atakukalia hadi kwa kichwa….na anakuaibisha hajui kuvaa.. nguo zake ni ka za Kongwea.miguu ndefu ka giraffe na shingo ka twiga.shame u on u diamond we sI selector mkali wao

  15. We si diamond I guess we ni bronze.ulizaa senior ka sisi nani mtamu kwa kuzungushiwa mahagaagaaa.

  16. You are a woman of substance anyone who doesn’t see that doesn’t deserve you… I support your call.. For everything… Don’t worry about what is happening in the neighborhood when they walk on the streets thy seem happy however you never know what happened behind the scenes. With or without his support watoto watakua kwa uwezo wa Allah ….have faith in him and any sort of good well you do avoid social media when you speak to your Creator in secret he blesses you more…. First and pray because Allah has told us through him we are complete.

  17. try online jobs

  18. If you want to defeat darkness your heart must be pure.Dont advertise on social media On how you gona go for fasting Your request to God should be secret. HE who sees in secret shall answer you openly style up

  19. According to me. She is trying to hide something.. After all it’s not money that she want.. Mapenzi yanamsumbua. Definitely love doesn’t fade on time… It takes longer to fade but it can’t be over. Zari it’s after love na hilo twajua

  20. Zari just be mature you left Mond when he needed you most. Then mbona unamtamani hivi Sasa mwachane. Huo n msiba wako kujitakia ila nakuombea upate wokovu Mungu akutoe katika Hali uliyojiingiza wewe mwenyewe. Mali n ya dunia ila bila Wokovu n bure. Mungu anakuita fungua moyo wako uachane n njia za Kishetani upate kuokolewa Mondi amechagua njia yake tayari kuenda jehanamu we je? Kumbuka watoto n baraka kutoka kwa Mungu wape mfano was Yesu maishani mwao.Lenga ya dunia Boss Lady.

  21. Well said Jane Walucho. Now that was the spirit she should focus on. Its only The Creator who solves every human being’s problems. Not advertising or posting her feelings and whatever how her life moves on with her on social media. If u want to be blessed and any wish for yourself talk with The Creator social media doesn’t help u in anything rather u get what u don’t deserve. I respect everyone opinions and I am not attacking on you (boss lady) but as far u put it on social media that means u need our attentions and our point of views,,so here we come. Move on.Life is too short for u to whereas Mondi moved on with his life.

  22. Diamond is a boy not a man…mmmmh why would tanasha date a guy who is a deadbeat dad…who knows years to come she will be in the same position …my friend hata zari alipistiwa kila mara mpaka akatungiwa nyimbo…twangoja after some years tujionee ni nani next victim

  23. She’s probably not asking for monetary support.. kids need a father figure in their lives to grow up to be be responsible citizens … that’s why our generation has a lot of kids with daddy issues and their lives are getting messed up.

  24. This is the wrong place to seek sympathy…. Hapa utatafunwa kama jugu dada ! Juz do like us…. Ha ha haaaaa…… ACCEPT N MOVE ON. Leave Mond ‘ alone… Get a life.

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