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Tanasha Donna claps back after being referred to as a lazy lover for the second time!

July 29, 2020 at 08:43
Tanasha Donna claps back after being referred to as a lazy lover for the second time!

Tanasha Donna aka Bi Aisha will not be having it any easy especially now that she no longer works with her Tanzanian manager, African Castro for Jamal Gaddafi!

Well, rumor has it that things surrounding her world have started falling out of place. After meeting several prominent people during her music tour in the coast region; Miss Tanasha apparently did not see the need of using this opportunity to grow her music.

This was revealed by Tanzanian blogger Orginaleast who allegedly got the information from a source close to Tanasha Donna. As seen on the post, the blogger refers to Tanasha as a lazy being who could not complete her media tour due to laziness!

Originaleast’s post

Tanasha Donna lazy in bed!

However this is not the first time the 23 year old is being accused of being lazy. Just a few months ago Juma Lokole, a close friend of Diamond shocked many after revealing the main reason why Diamond left Mama Naseeb Junior!

According to the gay fella, apparently Tanasha Donna behaved like a slay queen in bed; making Diamond lose interest in her;

Tanasha alikuwa na u-slayqueen Mwingi, pambana wewe, njee ndo utakuwa Tanasha, ndani kuwa Mwajuma ndala ndefu. Chukua mwanaume, mfanyie Massage, mbembeleze, mkaribishe. Lakini ukikaa ndani kama kizombi kimetoka Congo, umekaa tu umetulia hivi, yanii wewe na TV tu.

Responding to this Tanasha clapped back telling Juma;

Lazy? Why don’t you try me to confirm if this is true… How many seconds will you last tho? Oh wait… I forgot, you don’t do women, so I guess you’ll never know. But hey… You know what they say, Empty vessels make the Loudest noise.

Well, responding to the new ‘lazy comments’ shared by originaleast about Tanasha; the former Diamond Platnumz lover hit back saying;

Gossip dies when it enters the ears of the wise….. 🦀

Tanasha Donna lazy personality




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