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Tanasha Donna’s manager Castro finally speaks after silently partying ways with the singer

November 20, 2020 at 10:22
Tanasha Donna’s manager Castro finally speaks after silently partying ways with the singer

It is no longer a hidden truth that Tanasha Donna and her manager, African Castro are no longer working together.

The beauty recently announced her partnership under a new manager, while African Castro unveiled his new other partnership as well.

While none of them came out to explain what has been going on, Castro finally gained the courage to speak up on the new developments.

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African Castro speaks up

David Munyua, alias African Castro, best known for his brand in digital talent management, confirmed to a local publication that he has indeed part ways with the Sawa hitmaker.

Tanasha with ex-manager, African Castro

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Turns out that the two actually went different ways roughly a month ago, leaving her in the hands on her new manager, Ciza Obare.

“It was amicable. And I will now be embarking on a different journey with my new company Established African,” the entertainment mogul mentioned.

A new home where he seeks to offer financial hacks to interested individuals in the digital space.

African Castro parts ways with Tanasha Donna

In September, during an exclusive interview, media personality Jamal Gaddafi who also happens to be Tanashas good friend, revealed he stepped aside from handling Tanashas music productions because he could not cope.

Instead chose to give in a hand in her charity foundation, Tanasha Donna Community that gives back to society.

“I’m still going to be one of her managers but I prefer to stay on the donation side,” Jamal confessed.

Tanasha aka Aisha and Jamal Gaddafi at Angels children home

The 25-year old beauty is yet to speak up on what transpired between her and African Castro. Instead continues to promote her music and upcoming performances.




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