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“Tapeli mkubwa Wewe” Fans tell off Wema Sepetu for advertising fake slimming pills

July 01, 2021 at 14:23
“Tapeli mkubwa Wewe” Fans tell off Wema Sepetu for advertising fake slimming pills

Word making rounds on social media is that Wema Sepetu has graduated from her modeling and acting career; to a serious con artist who has been making money off fans using fake information.

This after Viva Serenity; a Kenyan company that sponsored her bariatric surgery exposed her for breaching a contract they had.

Wema Sepetu with Big Ted

According to sources, Viva Serenity sponsored Wema Sepetu bypass surgery that contributed to her amazing loss; and in turn – all she needed to do is market Viva Serenity using her story and body weight transformation.

Breached contract

Well, having struggled with over 100kgs this was indeed a good deal for Wema; but little did Big Ted and his company know the surprise awaiting them ahead.

After the surgery in Nairobi, Wema returned back home and since then she disappeared, switching off her phone; hence making it hard for the company that sponsored her weight loss to reach her.

Sepetu Wema

Fake information

However when asked by fans how she lost her weight; Wema Sepetu came up with different stories including fake Chinese slimming pills that she claimed to have helped in her weight loss.

Of course Wema saw this as a good business opportunity to make quick and easy money; and as expected desperate fans looking to lose weight fell right into her trap.

Con woman

However now that the truth about her weight loss is out; Wema Sepetu recently shared a post claiming she will soon share her side of the story through her paid Wema App – ( a stupid move that is costing her at the moment.)

Fans in the comment section have not only been attaching her but have confirmed that Wema Sepetu is no longer a genuine celebrity; but a con artist.

Responding to her posts, Fans went on to write;




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