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TBT: This is a taste of what ´Hon Esther Passaris at 25´ looked like

March 29, 2019 at 13:39
TBT: This is a taste of what ´Hon Esther Passaris at 25´ looked like

Just yesterday, Hon Esther Passaris revealed how she looked like at 25.

A stunning beauty would be an understatement, to say the least.

She looks like she´d walked down the red carpets of those days, couple times.

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The confident mother of two, recently clocked 54 and she looks nothing like it!

Nairobi Women Rep, Esther Paassaris

If anything, she is hardly growing older.

Her beauty is in born, that we cannot deny.

However, the feedback she got?

Comment section

Passaris´ question was simple:

What advice would you give to you 25 year old self?

Instead, some of what she got back?:

Na hii camera ilitoka wapi during those days.

Let´s start from there Mheshimiwa?

Abshir (kata) Issack

That…my daughter, don´t wear like her. pls. Wear decently


Honour and remember the Lord while still young.

So that when you´re old, He will remember you.


Am 25, am copying notes.

Enock M Makori(CPAK)

We want bursaries kindly in dagoretti


Mhesh. WOW! You looked like a movie #staremoji?

Nasir Abdullahi

Taki it easy; Rome was not built in a day, you´ll make it anyway.

Charity Njuguna

Reduce the dudaing

Henry Munyoki

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