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Team Ganji hits again with a slang song ‘Bhang’

August 30, 2019 at 12:26
Team Ganji hits again with a slang song ‘Bhang’

Mashash is a slang word which is meant to mean bhang. Legalization of bhang has been a trending topic, in the government. This is due to the raising cases  of cancer risks and attacks, leading to many deaths. Thus its legalization has been a hit up topic, in lead by the late Kibera Mp Okoth.

What is this ‘Mashash’ about?

Team Ganji released hit song in topic about this bhang,, which they refer as ‘mashash’. In the song its said that ‘ niko mashash, niko mandom, referring of bhang effects. In the background of the song at the beginning its quoting Governor Sonko words. This is in referral to the late Mp Okoth whom said that this bhang is a remedy to cancer, thus quoting about its legalization.

The song goes ahead to explain how bhang makes people feel high. Leading to lots of side effects ‘ukipata nikicheka jua niko mashash, puf puf no change jua ni mashash,’ The mashash is highly inhaled. Bhang is used among youths in plenty for luxury purposes which is a theme sang deeply in the song with the slang.

The choreography of the song was well done. Its brought out a real picture of bhang use among the youths, despite what healing purpose for legalization. It tends to have hype in relation to the bhang effects, which in real sense is affecting the youths deeply.

Team Ganji hits again with a slang song ‘Bhang’


To start with, the song is relevant in today’s generation. Why do I say so? Bhang has become a common drug with the young generation. Also, the rate at which even those in high positions are pushing for it is also alarming. Lets accept that music nowadays is also promoting drugs.

Finally, it is good to note that people smoke Mashash without fear of being arrested. What a rotten society?

Thumbs up Team Ganji.

Video  below.




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