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Tearful: Wema Sepetu admits she is desperate to be called ‘Mum’

October 19, 2020 at 21:08
Tearful: Wema Sepetu admits she is desperate to be called ‘Mum’

Actress Wema Sepetu has been longing for a child for a very long tie now; but despite all her efforts she remains childless at the age of 30.

Just recently she revealed that her weight loss journey was aimed at helping her conceive; however it turned risky as she was exposed to rays and medications that would have brought cancer. For this reason, she has been living a healthy lifestyle hoping for the day she carries her own child.

Wema Sepetu

But as she waits for the doctor’s assessment on whether she can bare children; Wema continues to make it known that she is quite desperate to have a child of her own who will call her ‘mummy.’

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Wema Sepetu praying for a child

In a recent post shared on Juma Lokole’s page, the alleged bisexual fella went on to share a post that read;

Mtag Rafiki yako unayetamani apate mimba ya Ghafla

Wema and Juma

To which Wema Sepetu tagged herself as seen on the screenshot above. Well, if this does not prove how much the actress has been longing for a child; then what will?

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Anyway…we also get to understand that Wema Sepetu was never born barren as she got pregnant twice for the late Kanumba back in the day. But just like most young ladies, Wema opted for an abortion; which seems to be affecting her now that she is ready to have children of her own.





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