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Tears flow as Bahati surprises wife with brand new Mercedes Benz before going down on his knees (Video)

October 21, 2020 at 09:19
Tears flow as Bahati surprises wife with brand new Mercedes Benz before going down on his knees (Video)

Kenyan celebrities have now taken up the challenge of spoiling their better halfs with a series of surprise gifts on their special days.

First was the WaJesus couple that blew up the internet with a whole month of surprises from Kabi to his dearly beloved Milly, not for any other reason, but because it was her birthday.

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Well, this might just be the new norm of doing things.

This time however, the Bahatis are marking 5 years of living as a couple, with the gospel artist going the extra mile for his wife.

The Bahatis

Starting with a helicopter ride for his wife, the first in her life. Before gifting her a Samsung Note 20 Ultra she had always desired. Then came their dinner date and now, he has decided to wrap it up with a bang, with a brand new approx. KSh 5M Mercedes Benz ML 350 AMG surprise gift for his wife.

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Diana bags brand news Mercedes Benz

An event that stood out for the couple among all the 5 wedding anniversary surprises. The most emotional, most eventful and there was just no better way to end it, Diana admitted.

Ms Diana Marua

The day started off like any other, both dressed in matching outfits headed for Kasarani stadium, with Diana blindfolded all through, to avoid getting hints of what was about to go down.

According to the musician, they were heading to JKIA to catch a flight to an unknown destination, but that was just to confuse his wife.

On arrival at the stadium, an emotional Bahati broke down to tears, with a long testimony of just how much of a strong, supportive and blessing of a wife he has.

The Bahatis

“For those 5 years, you have been abused, criticized, trolled but you remained strong and for that, receive your gift no. 5,” Bahati sweetly confessed.

Soon as he removed the blindfold, a broken Diana Marua fell to the ground in tears. Turning into a teary-filled event before realizing the car gift is a Mercedes Benz and she turned crazy.

Like she had not done enough of crying, Bahati went down on his knees with a ring in hand and renewed his promise to Diana, to forever love and treasure her.

Bahati renews his promise to Diana

It is just to emotional to contain, watch and tell me what you think:





  1. In 2018, they pulled the same “surprise” stunt with a black mecerdes E250 .A simple Google search can prove that. And it was all a hoax. The WaJesus juzi wamerudishia wenyewe their Audi “surprise” gift. Notice it never had number plates? For good reasons.

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