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Tedd Josiah Speaks On Mental Health After Kamene Goro’s Oblivious Meme

July 19, 2021 at 16:38
Tedd Josiah Speaks On Mental Health After Kamene Goro's Oblivious Meme

Kamene Goro’s meme on mental health got her in hot soup with Kenyans on twitter, who took advantage of the situation and body-shamed her. She however, pulled down her meme immediately after realizing the mess she had done.

Wrong Timing

It’s obvious that Kamene posted the meme with the intention of entertaining her fans; but things went south real quick. Several celebrities have reacted over the same; with most throwing barbs at Kamene for messing around with a paramount issue such as mental health.

Veteran news anchor Catherine Kasavuli reacted saying;

Music producer and entrepreneur Tedd Josiah has also had his say on the same; his focus being on men.

”Are we ready to speak about mental health? Are we ready to speak about depression?

Ladies I want you to clearly know this. MEN ARE LOOSING THEIR MINDS OUT HERE FOR REAL!!! AND HAVING TO PICK UP THE PEICES BY THEMSELVES. Sometimes not successfully sometimes successfully but it doesn’t help when you’re going through hell complete with demons and skeletons of death, loss, brokenness. And people are busy making your life a gossip and popcorn moment. Some of you are raising boys who will become men. Pray society changes because the world will return your son back to you broken if we do not start speaking up and as both genders allow a space for men and women to speak without being judged.”

Josiah continued to add that everyone needs to be shown love while they are alive.

”The way to support a person who needs love? SHOW THEM LOVE 💕
People want to buy from you when you’re down and out, people want to love you when you’re dead with posts of “RIP”, people want to fund raise for u when you’re homeless and on the street.”




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