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Terence Creative caught red-handed thirsting over Huddah

March 31, 2020 at 12:21
Terence Creative caught red-handed thirsting over Huddah

Terence Creative aka Care taker is among the celebrated comedians we have in the entertainment industry today!

Milly Chebby with husband Terence and baby Milla

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So far he has a huge following on social media who not only support his projects; but remain loyal to his funny side and of course lovely family especially daughter Millan.

Anyway despite being a family man, the fella was forced to open up about his personal life after being linked to a certain slay queen; he was alleged to be involved with!

Terence exposed

Apparently Terence was said to have been cheating on his wife with the girl Anita; who also happens to have shared her side of the story revealing that the comedian had been her lover.

Anita bashed for sexual affair with family man, Terence Creative

This situation left Terence at a tricky position with fans who couldn’t help but bash  him for cheating on Milly Chebby, with the young girl.

However with time things in his household became better and as a husband; the fella publicly apologized to his wife and fans for letting them down!

Terence and Huddah

Anyway just a few hours ago Terence left fans talking after his thirsty comment left under Huddah’s page!

Well it all started after Huddah went on to claim that she would rather end up on porn hub before being found on a new application called TikTok.


Of course there are those who were left excited by the sound of finding Huddah on pornhub and among them is Terence creative! Not quite sure whether his comment was a joke or not but the popular comedian went on to respond telling Huddah;

Heeeeeee eehhhh umesema tutayarishe bundles🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥


Fans on the other hand went on to tell off Terence for being a ‘Fisi’ yet he chose to settle down out of his own will!





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