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Terence Creative comforts Jalang´o after cheating scandal

May 21, 2020 at 14:37
Terence Creative comforts Jalang´o after cheating scandal

What media personality Jalang´o has been and still is going through since the start of the week, is nothing new to comedian, Terence Creative.

Terence and Jalang´o have sailed in the same boat when it comes to YouTuber, Edgar Obare´s exposés that never end well and always go viral.

The two have been caught in cheating scandals before, on separate occasions with the source of the leakage being Obare´s undisclosed identities.

Terence Creative (left), Edgar Obare (center) and Jalang´o (right)

Jalang´o responds

So now, it got too much for the corporate MC to handle, laying it all bare in black and white in a long – I mean lengthy Instagram post.

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Terence Creative was among the first to comment, holding a brother´s hand and putting himself in the radio presenter´s shoes, urging:

Let God be your vindicator.

Short, precise and to the point, Terence told Jalang´o one thing: only God can judge, forget the rest.

Jalang´o has revealed that him and his ´Boyz´ have lost businesses and top clients, had their families broken, grown apart as friends, had their names tarnished and associated with not so good sentiments.

He went ahead to trash every word associated with him recently, to be false, actually he said ´those are lies.´

Well, for his beef with Edgar Obare, and never ending portrayals of him in bad light he called the vlogger out for ´chasing Clout´.

Edgar Obare (left) and Jalang´o (right)

Further stating he was neither going to sue the controversial blogger or take legal action against him because he has just had enough of the push and pull.

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Wrapping up:

The truth will set us free someday for now all we have to do is try and put our heads up above this storm hoping it will soon pass.




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