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Text messages from Kamiti prisoner melt the hearts of Kenyans (Photos)

January 26, 2018 at 07:58
Text messages from Kamiti prisoner melt the hearts of Kenyans (Photos)

Kamiti prisoners are known for conning unsuspecting Kenyans with fake texts especially fake MPesa and promotions messages.

One prisoner however came clean and people were moved by his ‘honesty’. A convict by the name Wilson Mutuma texted a stranger (Paul Jims) and he gave an insight why Kamiti prisoners are desperate to con people.

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Wilson was not interested to con Paul but had just one wish. He begged that the stranger to visit him at Kamiti so as to bring him basic commodities like soap and toothbrush.

Is he genuine?

Wilson asked Paul to visit him in Kamiti on Friday when prisoners are allowed visits. Paul was still skeptical so he took to social media to seek advice.

Paul posted the screenshots of his conversation with Wilson on Kilimani Mums. He captioned them; ‘I don’t know this guy but he sounds’.

Most people were touched by Wilson’s ‘honesty’ and advised Paul to visit him at Kamiti.









  1. Ooh my GOD it is is really touchy afadali paulo aendeko huko tu tavazali

  2. Hosea Bin Wamocha : January 26, 2018 at 9:44 am

    That guy need helping hand, not only soap but also the word of God

  3. Things are tough in Kamiti

  4. The govt should provide these basics

  5. He needs help,this is an honest man

  6. so touching,pls paul visit this guy cos he’s in nid.God bless him

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