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“That’s not my table!” Huddah Monroe shades haters comparing her to plus size women

August 26, 2019 at 09:26
"That's not my table!" Huddah Monroe shades haters comparing her to plus size women

The boss chick, Huddah has warned against being compared especially to plus size women who are just not her match.

On Thursday, up on her Insta story the businesswoman expressed strong dislike for being compared to women of a different body size.

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But cautioned social media users against body-shaming women and making them feel insecure under their skin.

According to her, ‘a Lioness’ (who is her), can never be compared to ‘an elephant’. And your size matters less the minute you stop tolerating such criticisms and feel content with who you are.

After all, that is what makes us all unique. She penned:

The way people compared the small, tiny, petite me to plus size women is just sad. Get a life you can’t compare a lioness to an elephant, they are animals but different size and body, no disrespect whatsoever, let’s respect each other’s body, shape, color, size/ stop comparing people who are incomparable! Compare me to petite women we match. And put plus size, big booty, big hippy women together that’s not my table! Once you stop comparing or letting people compare you to others, you’ll be happy and content with who you are. Do not let people put you in a box you do not fit in, then ask yourself why you are not happy, love yourself and be proud of who you are, short, skinny, fat, light-skin, dark-skin, disable, poor, rich, we are all humans and differ from each other, that’s what makes us all unique.

Additionally, her caution to men is to desist from using offensive words when defining a woman’s body.

It’s considered offensive to call someone fat or skinny when defining their ideal body shape. Plus-sized instead of fat and slender for skinny is more appropriate.

Nevertheless, her word of advice to women of all kind, is every women is beautiful in their own way. So even when such names are thrown your way, one should care less.

Call a spade a spade and not a big spoon I believe every woman is beautiful in her own unique way that’s why men keep running from one to the other. Point is, People should just accept others and themselves for who they are because even your fingers are not the same size, stop making your life hard & go follow who / what you love and forget about what you don’t like.






  1. “That’s not my table!” Huddah Monroe shades haters comparing her to plus size women – VIP Celebrities : August 26, 2019 at 9:28 am


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