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The black and white female empowerment IG challenge is nonsense

July 29, 2020 at 14:50
The black and white female empowerment IG challenge is nonsense

The black and white photo challenge: If you have bundles or access to wifi then you have probably been online long enough to have noticed that every woman from the fugliest to the most attractive, from the most basic to celebrities have been doing sharing the same sort of photos.

These photos feature them posing in various poses -really it’s up to the lady in question- but what they have to do is to “nominate” the next woman to do the challenge and honestly, this is a bunch of crock.

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It is literally the same type of nonsense we periodically see that is geared to make you waste even more time online and encourages narcissism and I am surprised (not really) to see Kenyan women doing this silly black and white challenge or whatever it is called.

The aim of the black and white challenge is meant to show support for fellow women and embrace their beauty (I guess) but it has to make one wonder why most female-oriented IG challenges are a waste of time.

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You see, female empowerment is meant to be about action and solutions. Female empowerment is a verb and not a photo.

And it was really good to see women embrace the fact that they know they have to work as a unit to help each other but the truth of the matter is that this isn’t how human beings work and operate.

This black and white Instagram challenge is a tribal thing that has seen women bandy together off the basis of their gender but what they really need to do is identify ways of helping each other and this statement is made even more pressing by the fact that a lot of people are suffering during the Covid-19 period.

Businesses have gone under. Employers have had to terminate the services of their employees and the black and white challenge does nothing to address these real issues.

But here I am acting the grinch and stealing your joy even as you post your black and white challenge and nominate your best friend then drink a mimosa as you toast to what you have done to further femme empowerment because at the end of the day, “femme uber allez”.

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