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The costs Akothee and Zari have to bear to see their children meet up

October 11, 2019 at 11:03
The costs Akothee and Zari have to bear to see their children meet up

Long-time BFF’s Zari Hassan and Akothee might be bonded for life but additional glue would do no harm.

The two Boss Ladies have been a living testimony of what women in power, who put their egos behind and embrace each other, can do.

However, something is missing. Their children have hardly met no matter how much time and effort the two have invested in.

Long-time BFF’s Zari Hassan (right) and Akothee (left)

The duo intended to have their children meet sooner other than later, but this is the problem of having grown kids. They have their plans too.

So Zari was willing to fly her flock into Kenya over the December festivities. But she is not sure her boys will agree to it because they have their plans.

Akothee too was willing to troop her daughters to South Africa for the necessary bonding – but so do they have their plans too.


In an Instagram post of the two, Akothee revealed:

😍as women / mothers, our children are our strengths, children are the only unshared ,or (uninheritable) wealth, no one will ever inherit your children or fight for them , like they would fight for your wealth/ success or attention 🤔,I asked @zarithebosslady to come for Christmas holiday , her answer ( the little ones have no problem, but the grown up boys have their own schedule, so I cant promise until they accept to come too, but I guess not and I want to be with all my children at Christmas,I am their father and their mother 🙏🙏🙏, equally , I would like to visit south Africa with all my children at Christmas, 🙆 , the small ones have no issues ,apart from Oyoo who wants to come to kenya just for one day 🤔, has her own calender forget her following me , @veshashaillan , its high season for her business @akotheesafaris so she said she won’t leave the office 🤔🤔 @fancy_makadia is cloding school only for a week, sge doesnt see hersrlf in kenya 🤔🤔

It’s simple! Grown kids don’t like being ordered around.





  1. The costs Akothee and Zari have to bear to see their children meet up – VIP Celebrities : October 11, 2019 at 2:58 pm


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