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‘The Lord is with me’ Bien Aime on quitting ‘Jaba’ and other bad habits

January 28, 2022 at 11:48
‘The Lord is with me’ Bien Aime on quitting ‘Jaba’ and other bad habits

Bien must be one fun man to hang out with…right? Maybe it’s how he carries himself or his good energy that keeps fans adoring/ogling him – if not stalking him all over social media.

Celebrated musician Bien Aime Barasa of Sauti Sol


But again his charm – could that be a bald man thing, mmmh…?

Anyway after weeks of arguing with Eric Omondi on social media singer Bien now says that it’s time he changed his ways to better himself. So this means, he might have to quit hitting back at those who pick on him, probably stop sharing his nasty posts, stop smoking weed and above all quit chewing Jaba aka miraa. Alaa Alaaar!

“Time to rest and rewind” Bien


Well he announced this through his social media pages where he wrote;

So after a long hard look in the mirror, I have decided to change my ways. The internet is a very toxic place and I just want to take a step back. There are a lot of habits that I picked up along the way that I am leaving behind this year. I just wanna reset and rewind. Thank you.

Time to reset

Judging from his post, looks like Bien feels that the internet is a toxic place and after the many bad encounters he has had with both celebrities and fans – the singer now wants to distance himself from it.

He also mentioned that this is the same place where he can pick bad habits – which he also plans on leaving behind this year. Among those things he will be changing is eating Jaba- which he admits won’t be easy but is hopefully God will help him through.

Well, let’s just say Bien is clearly working towards changing himself – but ain’t we all…. I mean it’s just January right? Anyway let’s see whether he will manage to pull this off – but of course we’re rooting for him!

Bien to quit bad old habits

Time to reset and rewind. From this day onwards, I am a changed man.  I am even considering quitting jaba 😹It won’t be easy but the lord is with me.




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