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The more I dilated, the more the baby´s heartbeat rose – Phenny Awiti recounts traumatizing labor experience

March 17, 2020 at 13:20
The more I dilated, the more the baby´s heartbeat rose - Phenny Awiti recounts traumatizing labor experience

HIV positive mother of 3, Phenny Awiti had her last delivery recently that saw her labor for hours only to end up undergoing a CS.

The mother of 2 growing daughters recently welcomed her first child with mzungu hubby, Spielfeld, a baby boy.

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In a long revealing post, Awiti disclosed:

Oh well!
Maybe I now have the strength and energy to write about it.
I kept on saying “I need to write this for my own sanity, for my own therapy and clearance of my psychological well-being.”
But again, some inner voice tells me”It is too soon, you write too much about baby and the pregnancy these days!”
But no, it isn’t!
That is me.

HIV/AIDS activist, Phenny Awiti

It was time to tell her story – having had her first two children through normal delivery but with her son, Kwe, things were not going to be easy on her.

I labored with my two kids and had them through normal delivery. It was not the best experience but to pushing was.
Then came Kwe! My cervix opened at 2cms, dilation was perfect! We were given this tablet to ripen the cervix because we really needed baby out, I was tired, Kwe was exhausting me!
He actually came out at 3.6kgs, at 38weeks!

The tablet finally worked and she went into labor.

This was around 4pm! Then the labor began and we felt somehow good that the tablet is working and we are making progress.

Mother of 3, Phenny Awiti

Too long


The more I dilated, the more the heart rate of baby rose!
And I labored in bits! 1cms took 3hours! Not 1hour or less like I was used to with the girls!
It was now 2am, labored for over 11hours!

Good thing she had her support system to help her get through the whole process which was proving hard to beat.

Baba Bread and my big sis were right there. It felt good, I received enough support physically and emotionally. They helped me walk so baby would “teremka”
But, when nurse kept checking for the baby, my cms were not as good.

Phenny Awiti with hubby, Spielfeld in hospital

It had taken too long for the baby to show any signs of coming out and the doc decided Awiti had to undergo a Caesarean section (CS) instead, to save the baby´s life.

We had the best Doctor, God bless his soul! I could write a million and one things about him!
So at 2am, baby’s heart rate is at 190.
The doc decides we go for an emergency CS!


Well, it was her first and first times don´t sit well with our confidence levels.

At this point we are all so confused! I have never gone through CS, though stepped in a theatre before. But Doc said at this point baby is distressed and we cannot wait any longer. We get to the theatre, I am dying of pain, I am done!

Eventually, it got done and Awiti´s newborn was minutes or probably seconds away from strangulation if the doctor hadn´t acted in good time.

Finally Kwe is out, all wrapped with the cord round his neck! Almost choked but the cord was removed right in time!
This was God!
I felt good and bad though…
One hand, Baby Kwe was alive and healthy, on the other hand, I felt so useless going through so much pain then end up going for a CS!

Phenny Awiti´s gron daughter carrying her younger brother

Speaking of labor, Awiti attested that no mother plans how the baby will come out – whether via CS or normally, whether with or without complications.

But what matters most is the baby´s life and a healthy one for that matter.

Labor can be traumatic! There is no guarantee that the child will be birthed normally or you will give birth to one without complications.
This experience, yet again, has intensely humbled me as a human being.

Awiti proudly flaunted her growing healthy HIV negative baby boy.

Phenny Awiti´s son, Theluji_Kwe Okoth Spielfeld


On to now raising Kwe free from HIV!🙏🙏🙏





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