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The only survivor in Angela Chibalonza´s fatal accident narrates her last moments

July 19, 2019 at 10:52
The only survivor in Angela Chibalonza´s fatal accident narrates her last moments

Angela Chibalonza´s driver speaks out, 10 years after grisly road accident that took her life.

John Isaji, is the last person who set his eyes on the celebrated gospel sensation during the tragic road accident along the Naivasha-Nakuru highway, that claimed her life.

Mr Isaji was the figure behind Angela´s events´ planning, driving her there; more like her music director.

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Angela´s driver-cum-pastor narrates her last moments alive.

Pastor Isaji reveals how Angela had second thoughts about leaving Nairobi for the night performance at Egerton University.

However, she could not let her fans down because she was informed that the hall was already packed with students.

And since she had delayed them already, the students began rioting and to avoid the public circus that comes along with media sources, she decided to leave for Egerton.

Funny thing though, while they were set to leave, Angela could not trace keys to her house, therefore had to break her out of the house before driving to Njoro for the concert.

Angela gave her performance and left the stage at 4 am.

However, on Saturday, she had a flight to catch at 7 am but Angela insisted she had to pray for the students´ salvation.

Angela said, Hauwezi jua kama hii ni siku yako ya mwisho.

20 students got saved that night.


After getting to Nakuru from Nairobi, Angela asked Isaji to let another driver drive because she felt Isaji had gotten worn out after the long drive.

However, Isaji resisted, stating that he is just fine driving further but Angela insisted, and he had to give in.

Angela insisted, ´No, papa John, peana gari usaidiwe umechoka sana.

I said I´m okay. But she woke up again and insisted. My spirit said, she has never insisted.

It was like she had forseen something.

So they exchanged the driver´s seat. However, during the drive, their car hit a parked trailer from the back, driving at 160Km/h and could not swerve.

The Nissan B15 Angela was being driven in, had it´s roof chopped off, with the driver, John being the only survivor.

Soon after the impact, Isaji said he woke up to screams.

It means they are gone, Angela was on my knees, she had been thrust with the force of the impact.

There I was calling her ´mum mum´ there was blood everywhere. I was scared.

Sadly, every time people meet him, he gets questioned why he handed over the car and all he can say is

I don´t regret giving the car to the other driver.

Many people I meet they ask why. I tried not to hand over the car, but I did so because I heard the urgency in her voice.

However, until date, the Congolese gospel singer´s songs are timeless.

Angela´s last conversation with Isaji was about her ministry and her last album release.

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