“The poor boy owns nothing that can fly” Grand Mullah savagely tears into Steve Mbogo

December 07, 2017 at 10:46
"The poor boy owns nothing that can fly" Grand Mullah savagely tears into Steve Mbogo

Lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi popularly known as Grand Mullah has dismissed Steve Mbogo’s wealth. Uhuru’s lawyer referred Mbogo as a ‘poor boy’.

A few days ago a letter surfaced on the interwebs claiming Steve Mbogo was a nuisance to Karen residents. The letter showed Karen residents had filed complaint against Mbogo over noise disturbance with his chopper.

Apparently Steve Mbogo was disturbing his neighbors with frequent chopper rides to his home in Karen. The letter however turns out to be fake.

Karen Residents Association doesn’t exist

Ahmednassir Abdullahi

Ahmednassir Abdullahi asserts that the letter is fake as three hundred shilling note.  Grand Mullah revealed this while replying to a tweep who teased him for not being a member of Karen Residents Association.

“So SC @ahmednasirlaw you cannot even be elected into a position in Karen Residents Association? Ama your community is a minority in Karen! Bure Kabisa,” Mohamed Wehliye‏ tweed.

Grand Mullah replied by going HAM on Steve Mbogo. The lawyer says Steve Mbogo is a poor boy with no formal education.

“Mr @WehliyeMohamed 1st, the letter is FAKE. 2nd, the poor boy owns nothing that can fly. 3rd “Karen Residents Association” doesn’t exist. 4th, one of the signatories to the FAKE letter died ages ago. 5th, the letter is a promotion gimmick of a poor boy with no formal education,” Ahmednassir Abdullahi tweeted.



  1. Hehehehee,”poor boy owns nothing tht can fly”eh eh eh eh eh eh.hahahahaha

  2. Even a chicken?

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