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The untold drama that went down right before Ayieya’s burial!

July 10, 2020 at 08:48
The untold drama that went down right before Ayieya’s burial!

Zeddy recently got an opportunity to open up about the unknown ugly things that go down behind Churchill Show.

The mother of 3 revealed this while on an interview with Jalang’o through his YouTube TV station. Apart from revealing how tough the management is; the lady couldn’t help but expose the officials for always pushing most artists into depression.

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So far she claims joblessness after being fired from the Churchill show pushed both Njenga Mswahili and Kasee to meet their untimely death.

This is because this two comedians turned to liquor right after losing their jobs; and in no time they had become hardcore addicts ready to drink anything; just to forget their troubles!

Ayieya’s funeral had favoritism in that only 12 people had been picked out to attend his burial; yet Modern coast had offered an entire bus to transport each and every comedian who had hoped to travel to Ayieya’s burial. However they traveled with a half empty bus!

Favoritism at Ayieya’s funeral

The first time that I shed tears because of Churchill show was during the burial preparation for the late Ayieya, AKA.


Zeddy went on to narrate her story saying;

All the creatives had been invited for the final send off show for Ayieya. After which we were to travel to kisii for his burial. Do you know what happened? We finished performing and headed out to the bus. At the time modern coast was sponsoring the trip. Do you know those people wrote a list claiming that only 12 people are going.

To Zeddy, the management had resulted to treating them as school children; but being an adult she could not watch such things happen right before her eyes.

Zeddy exposes Churchill show

At the time everyone had prepared themselves to go for the burial. We had even our night dresses. The list only had 12 people. Imagine. A whole bus. The names were called out like kids going to a school function. I was not on the list, but I went. I told the lady at the door to move aside. I’m going for this burial pende usipende. I got in and went

This may have been a wake up call that even at Churchill one needs connections with the management in order to survive on the show; if not they can quickly turn you into a jobless person!




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