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The WaJesus couple finally reveals the secret to their successful marriage (Video)

October 29, 2020 at 16:49
The WaJesus couple finally reveals the secret to their successful marriage (Video)

After spending 3 years in marriage, the WaJesus couple has finally spilled the beans on the secrets of their successful marriage.

The couple was spoilt to a retreat at the Kabus Olpejeta mansion following the multi-million purchase of their brand new 4WD German Audi ride, just last week.

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In the midst of fellow couples, the WaJesus came clean about their dark times in marriage and how they managed to become one of the most admired young couples in the Kenyan celebrity space.

The WaJesus marriage secrets unveiled

The trendsetting couple tied the knot in a fun-filled colorful affair in December 2017, 10 months after their engagement. However, now admitting it has not been what it used to look like before.

The WaJesus

“The first time we started dating, we prayed and felt like the Holy Spirit said, from now on, I’m at the center of your relationship and that is something we hold onto dearly till date,” Milly WaJesus revealed.

Adding that she did not go for a man she loves, but for her friend. Who is also her spouse and her lover, Kabi.

“We are also very good friends. It is important to be friends with your spouse, they can be your lover, but they also need to be your friend. Someone you can tell everything, whether you are angry at each other or not,” she added.

Celebrity couple, Kabi and Milly WaJesus

It got interesting when it was Kabi’s turn to speak and he talks of how numerous ladies would flock his DM while he was dating Milly and how he struggled to get rid of them.

“Milly told me before, not to keep secrets with the devil. Like the ladies who would DM me and I delete their chats but I realized I was keeping a secret with the devil,” Kabi opened up.

It was at this point that he opened up to his then girlfriend, Milly and shared the texts he received with her.

The WaJesus lovebirds

Further revealing that bench-marking with other married couples helped them out a lot.

“We have now created our own culture, standards and live by our rules,” the couple spilled.

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