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The WaJesus couple in mourning

October 26, 2020 at 10:19
The WaJesus couple in mourning

The WaJesus couple mourns the sad passing on of a very close relative, barely a month after losing two other close family members in a row.

A cloud of sadness has since engulfed their home. Early September, the couple lost one of their uncles, from Kabi’s side, after Milly lost her uncle in August as well.

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The tragic passing on of close family members in sequence has proven heavy for the young couple, still trying to celebrate their small milestones together, in life.

The tragic loss

Sunday, October 25, Kabi broke the sad news to fans, following the passing on of his mothers dad – his grandfather. A man still looking youthful, vibrant and at peace with the world, is no more.

Kabi WaJesus loses his grandfather

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“Today I received the most sudden news ever that my guuka (grandfather) is no more,” Kabi tearfully penned.

An 83-year old man who made Kabi’s visit to the shagz worthwhile, ever vibrant and full of life despite his age. A man Kabi looked up to as a father figure and whose love for him will never be replaced.

“He loved nyama choma and he would always tag me and my cousin along for some treats,” Kabi recalled.

Kabi WaJesus grandfather passes on

Adding: He used to call me Peters and I loved how he said it. Guuka I will always love you. In everything we will always give God the glory”.

News that has seen the couple break down in tears and off social media as they come to terms with what has befallen the family.

The WaJesus in mourning

Messages of condolences flowed on the comment section as fans comforted Kabi, his wife and family while they get through these tough times.

May his soul rest in eternal peace!




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