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The WaJesus couple in mourning

September 09, 2020 at 12:05
The WaJesus couple in mourning

Milly and Kabi WaJesus savored a week’s-trip to Dubai only to be welcomed back into Kenya with the unfortunate loss of one of the close relatives.

The couple that seemed a bit low and saddened took to the gram to share words of wisdom with their fans, revealing there was nothing more precious than living for the heavenly Kingdom instead of the earthly world.

The WaJesus couple

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A month apart of mourning the loss of two uncles, “I’ve learnt a lot about life and death. We have lost an uncle just a month after losing an uncle from my side,” Kabi WaJesus stated.

Life is meaningless, it is worthless to do all these things that we put our focus on. It is more important to focus on creating impact on people’s lives and eternity.

Milly, who had lost the brother to her dad, decided to spend a better part of the week with her siblings, husband and son to get over the pain and get some warmth and love around her.

Today has been very, mmmh! not good day for us. We received some very bad news that we lost our uncle from my father’s side. So he is like the last born to me, he was like a brother because he was like the youngest on my father’s side. It was so sad because it was just sudden that’s why we have been MIA. Pray for us, our family and our grandpa. We are just hoping and praying for strength. It has been really sad for us.

It dawned on Kabi that life on earth was like a passing cloud after setting his eyes on the lifeless body of Milly’s uncle and he could just not come to terms that he could no longer move or say a word.

Seeing how broken and weak a dear Milly had become over the news, Kabi urged fans to pray with him as the family griefs over a loved one. A promising, young individual whose life came to a tragic halt.

Milly WaJesus loses young uncle

May the family find comfort and peace!




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