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“The world is full of weirdos. I don’t know him,” Vera forced to distance herself from con man Wilkins Fadhili 

February 07, 2019 at 08:38
"The world is full of weirdos. I don't know him," Vera forced to distance herself from con man Wilkins Fadhili 

Before the dust fully settles, socialite Vera Sidika has joined the party, a little bit late, to disassociate herself with con man Wilkins Fadhili.

Edwin O Osigro, who goes by the name Wilkins Fadhili on social media, has been trending ever since Larry Madowo denied any association with him.

Fadhili took to Twitter to brag about how he was working to position Larry as a global brand. He describes himself as a brand strategist who has worked with several celebrities including the likes of Larry, Victoria Rubadiri, Edith Kimani, Anerlisa Muigai etc.

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Never met him

Vera, who’s currently in the U.S., on social media had to deny working with the con after learning he’s been using her name to fool Kenyans.

“I have made it clear, I do not know Wilkins Fadhili and I have never worked with him. Heck I had never even heard of him until my pal mentioned that he has been going around lying about me. He even had the guts to post my beauty parlour. I do not know this conman,” the beauty wrote,” she said on Instagram. 

Here’s what Vera said:




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