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Thee Pluto Shares His View On Diana Marua’s Decision To Take On Music

December 02, 2021 at 09:58
Thee Pluto Shares His View On Diana Marua's Decision To Take On Music

Diana B is recently becoming a household name in the music industry after the release of her first song dubbed ‘hatutaachana’. The reactions from established musicians was imminent as Diana Marua made herself known to them as new competition.

Much has been said by netizens; with a good number of them admonishing Diana to quit music because she’s not good enough.

akothee and Diana Marua performing-Instagram (courtesy)

Thee Pluto’s Thoughts

Instagram model and popular YouTuber Robert Ndegwa, known to many as Thee Pluto, has also had his say on Diana Marua’s new musical career. The heartthrob believes that Diana has outdone some established artists with her first song; adding that it’s only because not many people know her as an artist that they’re giving negative comments.

Sharing through an Instagram Q&A session, Pluto wrote;

”Naona ikiwa tu sawa😂. I’m trying to imagine I never knew Diana in any other way. So assum nimemjua leo na ameanza usanii leo na umeanza usanii leo. Ningerate 8/10. I guess watu wanahate juu Bahati ni msanii… And wanajua Diana in a different field. Those are my thoughts though.”

Pluto also added that people should stop hating and try to understand Diana’s new journey. Her song currently stands at 917K views on YouTube after it was released 2 days.




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