“There is no way I can be pregnant. I always use protection” Churchill Show comedian Mammito comes clean after word she’s heavy with a baby 

April 15, 2019 at 11:07
"There is no way I can be pregnant. I always use protection" Churchill Show comedian Mammito comes clean after word she's heavy with a baby 

Churchill Show comedian Eunice Wanjiku Njoki has fiercely denied being pregnant with Eddie Butita’s child insisting that a condom is always in use when never getting intimate.

Last year rumors were rife that Mammito was expecting Butita’s baby after it emerged that the two comedians were in a relationship.

In an interview with Buzz, the comedian denied she’s carrying Butita’s baby because they always use protection.

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“There was a time I posted a photo after lunch so my stomach was protruding, I guess that is where the rumours came from. Let me just put it clear that I always use protection, the ones that are studded with ribs, so there is no way I can be pregnant. I use the ones with banana or strawberry flavour because they give extra pleasure, keep me safe, and leave my house smelling very nice. People will believe anything they read on blogs so I am not even shocked,” said Mammito.


The comedian in the interview also revealed that she now planning to revolutionize her comedy by introducing English jokes.

“I am going into English comedy so the world can hear this girl from Kibera, and we are establishing comedy clubs so grassroot comedians can also have opportunities. Every first Saturday of the month it goes down at the Blues club at Barclay’s plaza and we are hoping more venues will take this up. We need to build an industry for next generation; If my kids choose to be comedians I don’t want them to struggle like I did.”




  1. People will never miss something to say about you lady!considering your line of duty. I wish to encouraged you not to be distracted…..kwani ni dhambi hata kama!

  2. This isn’t news

  3. What are you encouraging young ladies…
    Everyone influences someone..but being in the open or public luke you Mamito, kindly and by the mercies of God, use your position to influence the generation positively..
    Forget not that without God all you do is like writing a very big number and multiplying by zero…

    Mamito there are young ladies listening to you..and you will be accountable for them you influenced wrongly and led astray

  4. Kwani mimba ni ugonjwa?? Ka ni ugonjwa 9 months after utapona mammie

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