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“There is no way these men will be playing with us” Why Huddah Monroe has promised not to have lungula in 2019

March 04, 2019 at 07:33
"There is no way these men will be playing with us" Why Huddah Monroe has promised not to have lungula in 2019

Socialite Huddah Monroe is no longer interested in engaging in sex in 2019. Reason? A certain man cheated on his girlfriend and Huddah wasn’t impressed.

The socialite took to social media to ask fellow ladies to abstain from sex to teach men on a cheating spree long lasting a lesson. Her post was evoked by a lady named Caro who confessed her boyfriend Mike has been cheating on her with multiple women.

“Hey guys so today I got a DM from a chick called Caro who has a boyfriend called Michael. So Michael has been cheating on Caro with multiple women. These men are carrying us like we are are pieces of dirt. So guys this is something I have been talking about for the longest time on my social media pages and I think it is high time we hold these people accountable for their actions,” she said in the video.

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Shop closed

Huddah said men should learn to respect women and in 2019, no woman should tolerate cheating. And for that reason, she asked other ladies to say no when approached.

‘There is no way these men will be playing with us. Caro has said she is closing shop and I have also decided I’m closing shop. I am urging every chick out there to close shop and let us see where these men will go. If they can not change, let them go get Samanthas or they go look for Arimis they sort themselves,” she added.

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  2. @evansabogi : March 4, 2019 at 8:46 am

    I generally prefer Huddah to Vera. But an advice to her fellow followers don’t even think about to “funga duka.”
    Huddah’s single only if you’re single does this advice apply to you. There’s just no way you could keep your man accountable other than breaking it off. This’ just flipping insane to just think it’ll work.
    For the ladies at the back who didn’t listen…
    Don’t try this at home.. Or anywhere.

  3. Wished you’d have seen her minutes before possing nad posting this “advice “

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