Thika Road Slay Queen chased away from matatau for her ‘poor’ dressing

March 19, 2018 at 09:34
Thika Road Slay Queen chased away from matatau for her 'poor' dressing

A lady from Thika Road who decided to exercise her “my dress my choice” soon came to learn that sometimes it can be a little difficult, especially if you are using a matatu.

According a social media post that went viral, the lady was chased away from a matatu because of her skimpy dress.

Better than being undressed

This however, is still better than being undressed publicly as of what has been happening before when a lady steps out in badly dressed.

According to the lady who posted the drama on Facebook, the incident happened around Allsops which created a scene as men screamed and shouted at her as she walked away from the matatu.

Here is what she posted:

The post that went viral




  1. Kwani anaenda beach in hii mvua

  2. For the person who said we are kenyans hahahhahahahaha ur funny
    And for the part u we africans mean respect we have brothels open everywhere
    Mydress my choice bih
    And if ur such a nice person and woman of religion sell? ur? kidney ? be the good child , stop coming for
    people via internet last time a woman was harrased in ngara and was stripped naked dont f* tell me its because of what she wore and if it is how did striping her help in anyway we women have come so far to have confidence to walk the way we want today

    • So true. There’s no standard for decency and I didn’t see anything wrong. I mean, she was well covered. People like to be self righteous and put themselves above others. It is good to be decent but it’s not in anyone’s place to judge.

  3. I just don’t get why it had to be a woman shaming her,in my eyes why can’t a woman not wear what the heck she wants to where for god sake its her body and this whole African respect argument its lame to me coz if you see the pokot there tits be hanging out and none says shit this is all westernization baby anyway am over people trying to dictate what I shoulder wear and when I should wear it this is tooooo lame for wake the fuck up…

    • Samwel Oluoch : March 20, 2018 at 12:17 pm

      Some of your perspective only supports rottenness and decadence of moral values… We are a society and therefore must look beyond the selfish self… You cannot just go almost nude because it’s your body anyway

      • Ladies act as if the most important thing in life is dressing nude. Get to more important things and intellectual stuff- like women should study sciences and innovate stuff. We don’t empower dress, empower brains.

  4. Hop nothing too much wrong with this though there’s no nerd to provoke men sexually. Though the country is developing and people fast adapting western lifestyle,they should observe and be guided by their culture.

  5. A woman dressed in shorts or a married man with mipango ya kando?a woman dressed in shorts or a corrupt mp?b4 u shame anyone as jesus said if you knw you have not sinned be the first to cast stone.personally i find nothing wrong with those pants.guys this is 2018 not days go our cultures keep on fading .

  6. fuck those men respect ladies let them wear whatever they want…i don’t get inaumizia watu nini ?

    • Samwel Oluoch : March 20, 2018 at 12:25 pm

      But respect starts with your presentation. Why cry when reaping what you sow? This is evil disguised in fancy names as Human Rights and personal choices. However nice you out up the defense, the lady was just out of decency And good values the rest can be taken to the word bank. Those supporting such habits are not only list but defend justness. You don’t have to be a saint to correct an evil or a transgression infact those who support you when you are wrong are your greatest enemies

      • Nikkiwillbeatyourass : March 20, 2018 at 9:53 pm

        listen she can do whatever the Fuck she wants it’s a free country I don’t know when men thought it was alright for them to policy how a woman is dressed. Trust me fam ur opinion is not wanted or needed.

  7. And as the saying goes…..this is a changing world and more so a changing country’s……you may tend to dwell so much on culture but trust me….we are all different and with different opinions… just let the lady be.It is her life anyway ???

    • Nikkiwillbeatyourass : March 20, 2018 at 9:55 pm

      No One is provoking anyone not everything is about imbicle. dont blame her Just cause u can’t keep ur small dick in ur pants

  8. And as the saying goes…..this is a changing world and more so a changing country……you may tend to dwell so much on culture but trust me….we are all different and with different opinions… just let the lady be.It is her life anyway ???

  9. Those people who did the stripping and the one who took the pics and posted must be saints. If not, shame on you!

  10. Nyaru on Angado : March 20, 2018 at 10:15 am

    I hAve no issues with whatever anyone chooses to wear. But for your own peace of mind, be very aware of the ones whose culture is static (those still in the 1820s) because they can embarrass you. Yes it’s your right to dress as you wish, but just imagine the inconvenience of a matatu tout telling the Mat has a right to admit who they wish.You’ll be late and embarrassed, just because more people judge others, not themselves.

  11. I dint see anything wrong with how she was dressed the shorts were fine those were just some haters and horny wicked guys starting up trouble to see who takes the first step in stripping her.. Shame on them

    • Forgive such kind of women it’s because they are on heat and their is nobody for them .Sasa hadi wajinadi a woman who is on heat can do any thing to archive her disire.Men are worse they normally relent to rape

  12. Be careful on what you do to your colleague….tomorrow will be you or your daughter…soo the concerned to style up…

  13. My dress my choice the H bch… Go practice your skills in a room… And I repeat not alone!!!

  14. Councillor Shui : March 21, 2018 at 6:41 am

    Too much attention on non issues. That’s how low Kenyans have sunk. For the women complaining it’s sheer jelousy and trust me for the men it’s a matter of the ripe fruit being out of their reach. Let’s discuss real issues. Let the girls get trendy

  15. I dont see anything wrong with her.They look like decent shorts ama alikuwa amekata mbele?

  16. Inaitwa dunia, kweli Nyani haoni gundule you can’t remove a speck in your sister’s eye while you uaself have a log,shame on whoever post it.

  17. seems like she was going on a shootout of ‘melanin cover’ video as a vixen..but this absolutely has gone so far i would rather like her again to display for us the cladding for 2030 how it is going to look like? coz this is just 2018 and we are being shown manenos

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