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“Things happened so fast” Tanasha Donna recounts how things suddenly changed

April 02, 2020 at 14:52
"Things happened so fast" Tanasha Donna recounts how things suddenly changed

Tanasha and Diamond sure set pace of what ‘a dream couple’ can be like, until signs slowly started telling of a different tale.

It started with excitement, then followed a ton of promises and before we knew it, she was expectant. Only for their relationship to hit rock bottom, months later.

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In an exclusive, detailed interview with True Love magazine, Tanasha gave an account of how things went down, right from locking eyes with Mondi, to the day she walked out.

Tanasha Donna

First recalling how she crossed paths with the then-single singer back in October 2018 in Mtwara, during his show.


Insanely in love with the Kenyan girl, Diamond inked Tanasha’s name on the beach, before posting it on Instagram and Tanasha then went viral.

Tick, Tock, she had fallen in love with the WCB CEO. Three months into dating, Diamond sought Tanasha’s hand in marriage and the date was set – February 2019.

Things started happening really fast. I wasn’t in love yet. I liked his energy and his vibe but I was in love. Then all of a sudden he wanted to marry me. This was after three months of dating. Then a date was set for February.

Tanasha and Diamond

However, events had happened so fast for the media personality to even think straight.

I wanted to take my time to know each other.

Soon after, Diamond asked Tanasha’s bosses to allow her to travel with him because Tanasha was certain this would be ‘her happily ever after’.

It did feel like genuine love. I hope my feelings were not wrong.

Turn of events

However, tables turned. First, the much anticipated wedding never took place, with funny explanations around it.

Tanasha and Diamond (front)

Second, an unmarried Tanasha was already expectant. Thinking about abortion, never worked out for her.

I was in shock. I was not ready to be a mom. I know I wasn’t being responsible because I wasn’t on any birth control. It did cross my mind that I could if I wanted to get rid of the pregnancy but I could not go through with it.

This saw her sink into depression. She would try so hard to hide her pregnancy from the world but eventually, the truth had to come out, one way or the other.

I would edit the photos to hide my pregnancy. I was going through so much with the media. And was realizing that this comes with it. I had to come to terms with life in the limelight.

Tanasha Donna

Their once true-love for each other, became a sinking ship that gave in to the raging ocean tides in August 2019. Time had moved so fast, she just never saw this coming.

Somewhere in August, 2019, things started hitting rock bottom. I used to ask what changed. I think the public could see it.




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