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Thirst Trap? Risper’s ex boyfriend causes a stir online after sharing photos of his new woman

April 04, 2017 at 07:20
Thirst Trap? Risper's ex boyfriend causes a stir online after sharing photos of his new woman

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Blaqy, one of the most controversial artists in Kenya is back with a new woman and judging from the photos he shared on his social media pages, this fella does not want jokes!

The fella recently shared a couple photos of his new bae (just hoping it’s not a video vixen) on his social media pages and from how the two posed, love lust is written all over their faces.

Risper and ex, Blaqy

Risper and ex, Blaqy

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Blacqy was runoured to be involved with Risper Faith back in 2014 when the two were struggling to get their names out there. He featured Risper in his song ‘show me’ that did not do so well but from what Risper was seen wearing in the video…let us just say it was a thirst trap.

However, their relationship did not last for long and they both seem to have moved on swiftly. Risper is now dating her American boyfriend and has been making some investments for her future.

Anyway, Blaqy is still out here posting controversial photos with his new girlfriend and social media cannot take it anymore…why would someone’s daughter get down like this? Anyway checkout the photos. Mapenzi moto moto!

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