This is how effective PrEP is!

June 19, 2017 at 15:19
This is how effective PrEP is!

PrEP is the most safest way of HIV prevention for now. However, one has to make sure they take this pill daily to maximize the effectiveness at preventing HIV.

About condoms:

Taking PrEP every day will keep you from getting HIV infection. However PrEP will not protect you from other STI’s such as gonorrhea, genital warts, syphilis etc. or unwanted pregnancy. You must use condoms correctly and consistently in order to be fully protected from all STI’s and unwanted pregnancy

Using PrEP

For PrEP to be effective, one needs to take it for at least 7 days before any exposure to HIV. Thereafter, the PrEP pill should be taken once a day for as long as a person remains at risk of HIV infection (or as advised by the Health care provider). You should not take 2 pills at the same time or on the same dayto make up for a missed dose. PrEP best works when used with another prevention method such as condoms

When we say PrEP is 99% effective, that means that when PrEP is taken every day as prescribed, it prevents 99% of the cases of HIV that would have occurred otherwise.

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