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“This is just the beginning” Tanasha promises her EP release soon as she juggles music and motherhood

September 24, 2019 at 11:44
"This is just the beginning" Tanasha promises her EP release soon as she juggles music and motherhood

Tanasha Donna gave birth and tried her best to keep it lowkey but hakuna siri ya watu wawili.

So yes, she finally confessed after much push and pull from fans and the media, that she did deliver couple days ago.

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However, being a first mother means she will have to learn the ropes of motherhood but gradually.

The ‘radio’ hitmaker has revealed she has a lot on her hands to deal with, right from music to motherhood but maintains she will juggle both.

So far, Tanasha has two music releases ‘Radio’ and ‘Naheasy’ which have hit the airwaves and the rest has been history.

Diamond’s Kenyan girlfriend has been promising fans to have an album release pretty soon, dubbed ‘Donatella EP’ that seems to be cooking a bit too long.

Currently 90% done, confessing that the deep Swahili bit is what is taking her a bit too long to compile because she is terrible at it.

But she promises to stick to her word and through her Insta stories, she expresses:

As I focus on my son and family, I’m simultaneously strategizing on the Donatella EP release party. We’re doing 2 exclusive parties in a month and a half both in Kenya and Tanzania. Hope you ready for me, this is just the beginning.






  1. Lea mtoto kwanza,haraka ni ya nini na Diamond ako,hata urudi mtoto akianza kuenda shule hakuta kuwa na difference.

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