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This is why Diamond Platnumz mum and her lover have left many dying with envy

September 18, 2018 at 11:43
This is why Diamond Platnumz mum and her lover have left many dying with envy

If you thought Mama Dangote is too old to be enjoying a relationship; then you are wrong.

The lady who is popularly known thanks to her son, Diamond Platnumz is currently dating a younger man and from the looks of things, she is definitely in love.

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Just recently she shared a few stunning photos showing her ‘youthful looks’ which left a few people including her man ogling at.

The guy, Rally  also went ahead to share of the photos but this time around he couldn’t hold back his feelings. He went on to caption the photo confessing his love for the lady leaving many envious.

Faking his age

Despite this, Ramsey has been accused of dying his beard-hair white just to appear older. Well, if this is all for love then I guess it’s just fine.





  1. They should take this love off social media

  2. Wee ghafla Kenya hakuna News kila SAA Diamond this Diamond that mengi umya uongo ..kuna news mingi za maaana si maisha ya MTU…mwache Diamond na maisha take mini kumfuatilia nani anafuatilia take …unaboo

    • You are right Nono, this guy’s instead of following important things that are happening in the country or in the villages they are busy with diamond and zari , surely we are Fed up of your posts please do something on how to help wananchi

  3. Make can do wonders

  4. This is the fake story! Why you don’t show us the pic of the boy friend with white print beard?

    • Tushachoka na diamond zari king kiba tuoneshe.lete habari za maana hapa kwetu kenya……

      • Acha kubagua wewe, I do agree hizo news the celebs in general zime zidi n most are useless.
        But kusema ati walete za kenya tu ni upuuzi, take the ur arrogance somewhere else.

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