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This is why Vera Sidika´s transition to melanin is just but a stunt

July 09, 2019 at 07:55
This is why Vera Sidika´s transition to melanin is just but a stunt

Vera Sidika taking her melanin back might just be but a stunt.

In a viral Instagram photo just Monday, Vera unleashed to the world the true African girl she once ran away from captioning:

Never be defined by your past …it was just a lesson, not a life sentence.
Feels good to be back!!! 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿
Black don’t crack
#backtoblack #missedmymelanin#stillbeautiful #blackbarbie


It might feel good to be back as fans applaud her for embracing the beautiful African tone but let´s admit, she still looks like a plastic doll.

Most of us might have been acquainted to the fact that one can actually rip off the melanin to get that ´perfect´ light skin tone but never thought you can take that melanin back.

Question though, if you transition from dark to a lighter tone, that´s bleaching and what of light to dark? Un-bleaching?

Anyway, we need to look at the other side of the coin and realize that with in the current age and time, one can come up with anything just at the click of a button.

One is the effect of Photoshop. She sure does not look human, if anything, a porcelain doll.

Through the use of Photoshop, Vera might have done something we call frequency separation.


If we are to recall the high profile socialite´s words with former NTV´s Larry Madowo, back in 2014, the surgery done to lighten her skin and boost her boobs cost her a lifetime.

I did it the right way…I used the right procedure.

I had a great dermatologist from the UK.

Most important is fact that her usual trademark color is what makes her a brand, a procedure  that ate into roughly Ksh 15 Million.

My body is my business, and it’s a moneymaker.

I said if I have to do it (skin lightening), it has to be great, it has to be right.

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According to her, she ensured it was done ´perfect´ to avoid having any regrets even 50 years from now.

Ten years from now, twenty years from now, fifty years from now… I’ll still look the same

So what good reason does she have to get back her melanin in actual sense? To impress her fans? Definitely not!

And while previously speaking to the Nairobian, she articulated:

I have had boob surgery before, years ago in Beverly Hills, California.

I paid a lot for the procedure.

Yes, it’s more expensive but worth it because you get qualified and certified surgeons with over 20 years’ experience.

Additionally, just the 9th of December 2018, the Queen of bleaching shared a photo of herself looking a shade darker that her usual self.

Vera´s intention in that particular case was to draw attention to her Yel Hair until curious fans took note of her darker skin tone with some commenting:

You want to be black again? The makeup dint like you.

Furthermore, on the 11th, same month, she stepped out looking all made up with many attributing her usual trademark color to makeup.

And this could definitely be a game of chess and a way of making her followers keep up with her after going under for days and back with melanin.

Fortunately, true to it, her idea has worked after receiving well over 11,000 likes in less than a hour since the post.

Unfortunately, it has come as a blow to Kenyans and to the world at large and fans are confused, they don´t even know how to handle it.

Some claiming this is but a stunt, others don´t seem to believe you can have melanin back.

And the rest definitely backing her up asking her to ignore the noises because she is stunning.





  1. you beautiful in dark but u should have let ua self b naturall

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