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‘This Woman Drained Almost 2 Million in 5 Minutes’- Jalang’o Exposes Kamene As A Spendthrift

April 07, 2021 at 12:05
'This Woman Drained Almost 2 Million in 5 Minutes'- Jalang'o Exposes Kamene As A Spendthrift

Money can buy happiness! Even though some people tend to disagree with this statement, it’s clear that money can actually bring happiness in life. Gaining financial independence is even more satisfying since you spend without restrictions from anyone. Spendthrifts might just use up any amount of cash that comes into their pockets. Kiss FM’s radio presenter Kamene Goro happens to be one of them.

Pesa Otas!

Kamene Goro-Google

While debating on Kiss FM about whether it’s right or wrong to advice your partner on how to spend, Jalang’o revealed that Kamene at one time spent almost Kshs 2 million after they got paid.

”I’ve never seen nonsense like what I saw. This woman drained up to almost 2 million in 5 minutes”

Kamene accepted the fact that she’s a spendthrift and disclosed that she wouldn’t want to have a partner who controls her on her expenditure.

”But you see my thing is, I work hard. No one gives me what I get… But the interesting thing is, I know I have that spending problem. Any man who comes into my life always tries to dictate how I spend… Excuse me!”

Would you be with a partner who dictates you on how to spend your money? I think if both of you make your own money, no one should restrict the other.





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