Throw back photo of Eliazabeth Lulu Micheal lost in alcohol and party life

October 12, 2017 at 15:25
Throw back photo of Eliazabeth Lulu Micheal lost in alcohol and party life

When young… one tends to crave for the fast life that comes with partying and drinking themselves silly and this is something Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael also known as Lulu understands pretty well.

Before she matured into the beautiful lady we now know, the actress was one party girl and had some embarrassing moments that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Young Elizabeth Micheal

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I bumped into one of her old photos that has been making rounds on Instagram where she is seen wearing a leso and a panty while enjoying her drinks in a local club in Tanzania.

The photo which was taken about 10 years ago shows how crazy and crazy she was and since the internet never forgets this specific photo today marks our throw back photo.

She has however changed and has become an inspirational woman in the society! Below is the photo.

Throwback photo of Elizabeth Micheal

Throwback photo of Elizabeth Micheal


  1. Life was hard on her i know she cant forget these memories

  2. Jesus Lord,and the way she looks good now

  3. Wah! God is good,she must be like who is this?

  4. Some of those TBTs you hate to see

  5. Alcohol is not good to ladies they shud leave it to men

  6. Did she bleach her skin? She looks much darker in the throwback pics. Almost all these TZ socialites have bleached their skins damn

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