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Time to take out trash? Signs of an unhealthy relationship

August 11, 2020 at 18:03
Time to take out trash? Signs of an unhealthy relationship

Relationships started way back with Adam and Eve…and you’d be surprised that they also had relationship issues. I mean didn’t Eve lie to Adam about the apple?

Away from that, we have compiled a list of important signs (red flags) most people in unhealthy relationships tend to miss, overlook or ignore. Remember some of these red flags may appear normal to you; but in some cases they end up being toxic.

Happy couple


When one finds themselves always explaining and giving excuses for your partner; then this means you’re barking on the wrong tree. This is because no one deserves to be put in a compromising position where you give excuses for someone else’s mistakes! It is not your responsibility to justify your partner’s bad behavior!

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Relationships are often difficult, but when a person finds themselves hiding things to avoid upsetting their partner; then it means something is off. It common knowledge to know that a relationship should be build on small things like trust, honesty and understanding. However if yours lacks this, then run!

3.Trust Issues

Youths from this generation definitely do not trust each other but for some reason this has never been a deal breaker! Yes, it’s insane to give someone your heart, yet there is no trust! The power of doubt can easily break what looks like a strong relationship because of something simple as ‘Trust.’

2.Constant fights

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Of course this is self explanatory! There is no harm in leaving a relationship that could cost you or your partner’s life! Yes, you will be told that it gets better with time however abuse is something one should not hold on to! Whether physical or verbal abuse, you can’t put all your energy towards just to keep your partner satisfied.

1.Questioning self worth

No one should make you feel less or unworthy. The person you’re involved should make you feel loved and valued; but if this is not the case, then I guess it’s better to pack up and leave!





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