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Timmy Tdat back with ‘Why Me?’ featuring Rostam and Ruby

August 24, 2019 at 16:26
Timmy Tdat features Ruby and Rostam in new jam Why Me?

Timmy Tdat is back with a new jam dubbed Why Me? In this jam he has brought on board Rostam and Ruby. This guy is working hard. This are some of the best talent and the only way to understand this is listening to Why Me.

Why Me is a jam that I’d say that talks about the tribulations of people from the less developed places. Timmy Tdat is one guy who never gets weary in pleasing his fans. This one of his best works I must say.

Also Why Me seems to have a strong message compared to his previous works. I know you’ll agree with me on this one. Looking at his previous work this one is a sure bet.

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In every song that Timmy Tdat performs he does it with a lot vigor and energy. This is something that he is well known for. Congrats to him for this.

What is the relevance of ‘Why Me?

First it is always good to look at the relevance of the song. To start with, this song is relevant in today’s generation. Some of the things he talks about in this jam is what most people in the society go through. There is the question Why Me? Which in this case serves as the title of the song.

Timmy Tdat on Why Me?

In addition to the impressive message, the trio does not disappoint. Each and everyone of them performs their lines so well. Ruby with the Swahili verses breaks the monotony. This girl is just talented.

Also you will notice the creativity in the lyrics. The lines are so deep and they cut across a wide range of issues. Who would have thought Timmy can do something big like this?

In conclusion, Timmy Tdat, Rotsam and Ruby did a good job. The song Why Me gets a rating of 7/10.

Below is a link to the video.




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