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Timmy Tdat’s girl, Rosa Ree is back with ‘Champion’

June 25, 2019 at 18:29
Timmy Tdat's girl, Rosa Ree is back with 'Champion'

Rosa Ree is back on Champion this time featuring Ruby. You mean a woman must get rich through a Niggah? Not my words but Rosa’s.  This girl is just talented. Champion seems like a diss to me, seems like she is responding to some beef somewhere.

Champion talks about women. It says that women have the power and for sure this an encouragement to women. Timmy has a girl here and am sure he saw something in her.

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The rap goddess has a  tone and it really sounds good. Rosa has the power and the energy. Her merger with Ruby for this jam shows that this women are champion. The voices, although Ruby does very little in this jam it is a women affair thing.

Ruby has been silent for sometime and now this collaboration shows her making a comeback to her world.

Audio Production of ‘Champion’

There is that voice that when it hits your airwaves you definitely want to listen. Rosa Ree is that girl. The audio in this jam is well crafted and just flows. Also, the beats are great. You know that Rosa has her own tune, right? Well this is evident in this audio. Whoever works on her sound tracks is one to watch.

Champion is produced by Luffa. Well seems Tanzanians are going far and are quick in succeeding the music industry.

Lyrical Presentation

Ruby has done the chorus. It is just dope. She also plays the back up role. This is the best jam I have heard today. The words are just right. We are all used to Rosa using swahili while delivering her work, well this time she has done English and Swahili.

Her lines are not vulgar in this jam. Could she be changing to a new style? They are full of wisdom though.

There is a line that says that she has the right to do what she wants and love who she wants to. She is very right on this one. In short people should stop living a double standard life.

Click on the link below for the audio.




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