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Tina Kagian rejects pastor’s proposal, not interested in marriage after Masanduku hurt her 

May 31, 2018 at 09:39
Tina Kagian rejects pastor's proposal, not interested in marriage after Masanduku hurt her 

Tina Kaggai was once in love. She was a happily married wife but things took an expected turn.

Her hubby started manipulating her, lying and ignoring her. So she said forget marriage, JB Masanduku and any other man who will try to tie her down again.

Single for now

Months after the ugly break up with husband  Masanduku, a pastor publicly proposed to her on Twitter but it seems she’s still not interested.

“Tina Kaggia needs a born again apostle like me not urban cowboys,this is where our girls go wrong, actually if Tina accept my proposal we shall start gospel radio station together, hubby and honey presenting(sic),” said the pastor on Twitter.

Kaggai, remembering how Masanduku wasted her, was having none of that.

“Wueh 1. I am born again.2. Lol!!! Thanks for the offer,but I am good,” she replied. 





  1. Msamari mwema : May 31, 2018 at 10:10 am

    Kama aiwezi usilazimishe. Nowadays punda hubembelezwa Kwa mteremko.but uyo hakua wake na akubali.

  2. boychild always know that the first NO is not always meant

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