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To many more! Nameless and Wahu Kagwi stylishly mark their 15th wedding anniversary (Photos)

September 10, 2020 at 11:00
To many more! Nameless and Wahu Kagwi stylishly mark their 15th wedding anniversary (Photos)

Kenyan power couple Nameless and Wahu Kagwi started their love story back in college and 22 years later, they celebrate a 15-year old marriage glued together by enduring love.

Taking to their Insta pages, the pair adored each other with kind, heartfelt words full of promises and gratitude that they never gave up even when it was darkest.

Celebrity couple, Wahu and Nameless throwback

For Wahu, the date remains forever ingrained in her mind, September 10, 2005, she puddled on a boat, across a lake, to say “I Do” to the love of her life, father to her children and her campus sweetheart.

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The journey was never easy, fights and makeups, wins and losses but still, 15 years later and counting, Nameless born David Mathenge remains “The One”.

“Happy 15th anniversary to us!!! Here’s to forever! 🥂🥂. I’m excited about the future ! I love you always @namelesskenya &
May God continue to bless our family” Wahu beautifully penned off.

Gospel singer and mother of two, Wahu Kagwi

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As for her beloved, he mischievously won her heart 22 years ago, been through so much together over the years but the journey continues because she is still “The One”.

“Happy anniversary babe! Cheers to us, cheers to our journey, cheers to the ups the downs , joys and sorrows, the wins and losses, yooo!! we definately grown 🤔😊! The journey continues💪🏾!! and I still got your back💯,” Nameless laid bare his promises to his Queen.

Singer Nameless born David Mathenge

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The adorable and intelligent Mathenge couple, blessed with two now all-grown daughters marked the big date in a stunning, royal photoshoot that has since brought the internet to a standstill. Have a look:

Nameless and Wahu stun during 15th wedding anniversary

The Mathenge royal couple

Happy 15th to the lovebirds!

simple_pleasures0 Wow! 15years! This is definitely couple goals 👏👏👏👏


her_nyceness Marriage works 💕
Happy 15th🎉


yvonnesigei Nyinyi ni couple admirable sana 👌may God continue blessing your union 👌




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