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“Tomorrow is not promised” Saumu Mbuvi sends word of caution to women in toxic relationships

September 27, 2019 at 11:22
"Tomorrow is not promised" Saumu Mbuvi sends word of caution to women in toxic relationships

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi if anything, has received backlash for her love relationships that always seem to breed trouble.

Siring a daughter with her ex, at a young age, Saumu tolerated her abusive man until she could do so no more and decided to end things with him.

Saumu Mbuvi and her ‘abusive’ ex

She has time and again opened up on her regrets. While also sending words of caution and encouragement to those in similar situations as well as those yet to.


Currently, she is believed to be dating Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip, even hinting on a probable marriage not so far from now.

She definitely seems happy and content in her new relationship with her newly found lover, with whom she spends quality time around.


First, she talked about Davido and Chioma’s recent engagement that turned heads globally.

Saumu is now making reference to sassy US musician Cassie and Diddy’s relationship that has fallen apart, after 11 years of dating.

Word for today. Cassie dated Diddy for 11 years, he never proposed or had any plans to marry her or have a family with her.

US musician Cassie with hubby Alex Fine and her ex, Diddy (extreme right)


It’s simple, her message to women is to stand up for who they are because tomorrow is not promised. Savor the moments.

The mother of 1 despises the tendency of women to settle when it comes to relationships that are basically abusive.

For her, the minute you detect any sign of abuse, be ready to pack and go. Because ‘once an abusive man, always an abusive man’. Sadly, one can’t change that.

Stop being in relationships where you are not appreciated. Your happiness should always come first. A man who loves you will do anything to be with you. Tomorrow is not promised why spend your life being miserable?

Therefore, Saumu’s plea to women is to stop being vulnerable to unappreciative men, who no longer shower them with love.




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