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Toto si toto! More photos of the hot beauty said to be warming Omar Lali bed

January 07, 2021 at 14:42
Toto si toto! More photos of the hot beauty said to be warming Omar Lali bed

Omar Lali has indeed left the boy child proud thanks to the latest photo of him hanging out with a certain lady identified as Koko Kamillah.

Well looking at how fine Koko is, we can all understand why many continue to applaud Omar Lali for allegedly bagging himself a stunning beauty; whose father is apparently a millionaire.

From the comments left on the photo shared by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi; many make fans couldn’t help but continue asking how Lali does it? I mean after dating daughter , Tecra of billionaire businesswoman and Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja; the guy was earlier today linked to another millionaire’s daughter.

Omar Lali for men’s conference

So far it appears that the idea of him moving on with Koko has excited many; however turns out that he is just friends with the mixed breed lady.

This was revealed by Koko who finally got to address the rumors linking her to the beach boy. Through her IG page, Koko went on to post saying;

So I woke up today to lots of dm’s and WhatsApp messages telling me that I’m trending…. ( for the wrong reasons) some idiot…(@cyprian Nyakundi) took my pic with my old friend Omar Lali and posted it with totally out of context captions….and now I’m enjoying the shit show.

Anyway whether in the friend zone or not; check out more photos of the lovely Koko below.




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