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Trouble in paradise! Harmonize’s wife fed up and ready to leave

April 01, 2020 at 14:26
Trouble in paradise! Harmonize’s wife fed up and ready to leave

It’s not clear as to whether Harmonize’s wife is pregnant with their first child; but rumor has it that she could be and this is why he recently announced that she will not be tagging along during his shows.

Harmonize with Nicole Berry

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However, barely than 6 months after their wedding Harmonize has been rumored to be warming his video vixens, Nicole Berry’s bed; an issue that left Sarah showing her ugly side at the middle of the night!

Turns out that Harmonize has not been home for a week now and is said to be living with Nicole Berry! Thanks to a video circulating on social media, Sarah is believed to have stormed to the video vixens home where she caused quite a scene!

Leaving for good

Although Sarah is not seen on the video shared on Instagram; Harmonize’s close friends have confirmed that the voice heard screaming and calling Nicole’s name is indeed Sarah’s voice.

Later on she went on to share a post suggesting that things between her and Harmonize were not okay. The relationship quote read;

Harmonize’s wife dumping singer

Unfollows Harmonize

So far Sarah has unfollowed her husband on Instagram and if the rumors spreading on social media are true; then Harmonize might end up being single this time around.

This might not be the first time Harmonize is accused of cheating on Sarah, but so far the lady has been forgiving her man; but seems that this is about to change judging from Sarah’s latest move.

Fake break up or is it over?

Promoting song?

Others however feel that Harmonize is using this move to help promote his latest project after fans take long to show their love like before!

Looking at how far he has come, Harmonize’s career seems to be lagging behind in terms of YouTube views. After leaving WCB, things on his side seem tricky but hopefully this too shall pass for his team.





  1. Alfred okeyo : April 2, 2020 at 6:48 am

    let her give konde boy another chance

  2. Alfred okeyo : April 2, 2020 at 6:51 am

    asahau tu hzo then life will just continue

  3. Stop your hate against konde boy!!

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