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Trouble in paradise? Otile Brown deletes his new girlfriend’s photos on social media

May 06, 2019 at 08:41
Trouble in paradise? Otile Brown deletes his new girlfriend’s photos on social media

Word making rounds on social media is that Otile Brown might have split up with his Ethiopian girlfriend.

Well, this is after the singer decided to pull down most of his photos including those of his new found love.

Also, the singer has stopped sharing his lovey dovey photos on his social media pages like before; leaving many wondering whether there is trouble in paradise.

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We can however not confirm whether the relationship is over or not by judging Otile’s latest move; this is because most celebrities always pull down most of their photos on social media just to create controversy.

Mtaachana tu!

Anyway the Ethiopian lady was however Otile Brown’s second legit girlfriend who he paraded on Instagram shortly after breaking up with Vera Sidika.

Fans also seemed not to get enough of the young lady who turned heads thanks to her fine looks and figure.

Others went on to laugh off saying they wouldn’t last long since Vera Sidika already confirmed that Otile Brown’s game in bed was still lacking.

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  1. Otile,you knew that girl for a short time yet you were going overboard with the do too much,too soon which leads to both of you getting bored of each other too quickly.If you do all that as soon as you were doing it,how do you top what you did earlier.Man,stop worshipping a woman like that,she is a human being like all of us.At the end of the day,men need to realize that they are the prize,this is true especially if a woman brings only her pussy to the table in a relationship.If putting women on a pedestal was good,the guys in the friendzone would be fucking all the women and the bad boys wouldn’t be fucking women left,right and centre

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