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Trouble in paradise: Zari Hassan allegedly blocks her baby daddy after he was linked to Tunda

January 16, 2018 at 15:12
Trouble in paradise: Zari Hassan allegedly blocks her baby daddy after he was linked to Tunda

Zari Hassan and Tunda will never see eye to eye. Word has it that Zari finally heard that her man has been roaming around with his latest side chick, Tunda.

For this reason the lady has apparently blocked him on Instagram a few days after he was photographed partying with the young girl.

According to Tanzanian gossip tabloids, this comes a few weeks after Zari claimed that Diamond Platnumz had changed for the better.

The mum of 5 even went ahead to make fun of Hamisa Mobetto through social media pages; not knowing that Diamond Platnumz true colors would be seen in less than 15 days into the new year.

Seeing that he will never be ready to settle down, Zari has now decided to focus on herself.

Diamond Platnumz panicks following Zari’s move

So now Diamond Platnumz is said to have put Zari as his WhatsApp profile picture. This is to help make peace with the lady who might eventually leave him before the year ends.

Even with that, it’s clear to see that Diamond has been making Zari look like a fool.





  1. Zari is tired of all this drama

  2. I would do the same,this guy is just too much

  3. This guy is looking for something in women, its knocking, Zari run.

  4. 2018 will not end without another simba kuzaliwa nje….zari wacha prsure, zigo lawatosha wote…tena yeye mwenyewe dangote alisema dini ya ruhusu wa nne mbna unauchoyo dada…

  5. she was busy defending diamond he know that she is not going anywhere how many times she still not getting enough that his playing her like other girls rven she can marry him she is not gonna changed him she must accept the fact that what his doing is his choice not hers but i swear both of them HIV dont have a coulor either you have money or not his must stop spreading he must stick and styck to that granny only cos ivon left money for her to sprend with other men

    • I totally agree with You
      Diamond is careless . Endulging into sexual behaviours without taking precautions. Endangering life of zari and hamisa.
      I pity these women

      • endangering life of zari…hamisa ain’t anything but a baby mama..once used and dumped; zari is the main, so he’s endangering her life..hamisa os a home breaker

  6. she said she doesn’t need social media counselors so she must be strong to deal with 20 sidechicks she act stupid shame and embarrassed

  7. Diamond is a don’t care. Whatever zari does or hamisa he doesn’t care about. He knows how he will trick them to normal terms. He must make sure he does what pleases him irregardless of what pple thank. He’s a celebrity anyway !!!!

  8. Zari you will have a hard time with this boy he will never change. U will either have him this way or quit this relationship.

  9. Zari don’t let diamond spoil ur life.God has blessed u enough.u will get a good man who will treat u like a princess.Aids is real so take care.ur kids needs u more than diamonds do.

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  11. Zari u now understand y wema left this Diamond.

  12. Zari move on this guy diamond he is dragging you behind and my dear sister Aids its real so keep off Caz your kids still needs you.

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  14. That guy is stupid and he doesnt know what he wants in life he will first fall then remember to stand up when its already too late money fame abd sluts fade but true love never fades unless u push it away ……….???

  15. Zari zari, u are a baby mama too baby. So what do u expect. U only got back what u made of yoursef.babymamas/side chick

  16. Why slamming the guy so much, is still gals that open up for him. Ahbi is he using juju. My advise zari. Go and marry and end ds rubbish u placed on ursef

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