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‘Tufanye DNA Tujue Baba Heaven Ni Nani’ DK Kwenye Beat Tells Bahati

June 11, 2021 at 10:11
'Tufanye DNA Tujue Baba Heaven Ni Nani' DK Kwenye Beat Tells Bahati

After hitting back at Bahati with his own diss track, DK Kwenye Beat is not yet done with Bahati. This time, he’s aiming at making things even worse for him; by reciprocating Bahati’s own words to him. In Bahati’s diss song, he dissed a couple of artists, including Khaligraph, DK Kwenye Beat, Guardian Angel, among others. Apparently, of all people, DK Kwenye Beat was the only one who hit back almost immediately.

In the song dubbed ‘Fikra Za Bahati’, the singer dissed DK Kwenye Beat saying;

”Dk Kwenye Beat- Unaokoka unahubiri, na ulifanya mimba iwe siri.”

The song has elicited various reactions; with most bashing Bahati for doing contrary to gospel music; including Ringtone, who strongly rebuked him.

Bahati’s song now stands at 482K views on YouTube, while DK’s song stands at 210K views.

Bahati Not Heaven’s Biological Dad?

Gospel singer Bahati steps out with his daughter Heaven Bahati

Bahati and Heaven Bahati-Google

Away from that, DK claims that Bahati might not be the biological dad of Heaven Bahati. He adds that a DNA test should suffice to make it clear.

DK Kwenye Beat revealed this while doing a video with HopeKid.

”Tufanye DNA bana” .

What do you think about DK Kwenye Beat’s claims?





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