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Tumiso´s Ksh 20,000 award sees parents, Wahu and Nameless endeavor to open her a bank account

June 24, 2019 at 13:21
Tumiso´s Ksh 20,000 award sees parents, Wahu and Nameless endeavor to open her a bank account

Baby Tumiso has been a light of shining armor to her parents, Wahu Kagwi and Nameless after winning multiple awards at her tender age and is not stopping.

The growing baby girl wins a trophy alongside a whooping Ksh 20,000 for her outstanding passion in matters environment.

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Tumiso Mathenge emerged top in an essay-writing competition just Thursday.

Her daddy, Nameless accompanied her to the ceremony before being overwhelmed once she was announced the winner.


The award was presented by Makindu OCPD in presence of National Environment Trust Fund CEO, Samson Toniok.

This is during the World Day to Combat Desertification in Makindu, Makueni county.

An event sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Netfund, coordinated by the National Environment Management Authority.

Furthermore, it is an annual event since 1995 in a bid to promote public awareness in relation to international cooperation to combat desertification and effects of drought.

The theme this year is ¨Let´s grow the future together¨ one that highlights the 25 years of implementation of the convention and beyond.

Now focusing on the far it has come, the present and the prospective future to the world.


Her proud mother-cum-singer, Wahu Kagwi speaks to ´Word´ in reference to the amount awarded sharing:

She entered an art competition for the environment and she won.

The ¨My Everything¨ gospel singer reveals her daughter´s underailed interest in assignments like tree planting.

She would also watch national geographical movies without anyone supervising when she was young.

And she loves everything about conservation.

Speaking like a proud mother, the songbird expresses:

We have been planning to open her an account and so the money she got from the competition will be her first saving.

This is an encouragement to other children that you can get involved.

According to Wahu, Tumiso is one individual who does not need pushing to act.

As she turns 13 this August, the parents are super excited.

She has been talking about her birthday since last year and so as a family, we have to do something for her.

Although we have not yet planned it.

It is a jovial, celebratory month for us.




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